Set nature free within you



I invite you to join me on an adventure into the depths of our human capabilities. It's an ongoing journey towards an open heart, in harmony with our inner nature and the beautiful planet we live on.

I believe we can thrive through allowing ourselves to go back to feeling, following our instincts and developing a deeper understanding of our own mind and body connection.

My mission is to guide you into your own inner nature.

I practice and teach the Wim Hof Method, love to make and share music, go into nature, apply conscious choices in living, all simple and effective ways to improve strength, health and happiness.

A mission without an end.


Wim Hof Method Adventures

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Private coaching


Breath Journey in collaboration with Wim Hof, Niraj Naik and Dave Dunn. 

For private group workshops and expeditions, 1-on-1 coaching or any questions or ideas you might have I'd love to hear from you!